Wagtailtrans has a couple of template tags available to make linking in between pages more easy. The template tags can be loaded from wagtailtrans_tags:

{% load wagtailtrans_tags %}

Both template tags are configurable via the same keyword arguments.



By default the template tag will fallback to a homepage if the linked page isn’t publlished in the other language(s). This setting will allow you to disable that behavior and leave the page out of the returned result.



If set to False the requested page won’t be included in the result.

get_translations (assignment)

The assignment tag will return a dictionary with language objects as keys and pages as values. For example this can be used to render <link rel="alternate"> tags.

{% get_translations page homepage_fallback=False include_self=False as translations %}

{% for language, page in translations.items %}
<link rel="alternate" href="{{ page.full_url }}" hreflang="{{ language.code }}">
{% endfor %}

render_language_selector (inclusion)

This template tag will render a language selector, which renders the template located at: wagtailtrans/templatetags/language_selector.html