Wagtailtrans 0.1 release notes

What is new

Since this is the first final release, all features are new.


  • Implement models following Wagtail RFC9 by Tim Heap
  • Force language of child pages to language of parent
  • Support storing of translated pages
  • Support copying content of canonical pages when creating translations
  • Add translation information to the TranslatablePage.settings_panels
  • Add dropdown page menu for adding translations
  • Add Language admin-UI in settings-menu
  • Add WAGTAILTRANS_SYNC_TREE setting to control which way trees behave
  • Add WAGTAILTRANS_TEMPLATE_DIR to override the admin template dir (pre Wagtail 1.8)
  • Add WAGTAILTRANS_LANGUAGES_PER_SITE setting to allow different page languages per site
  • Add SiteLanguages as SiteSetting in settings-menu (WAGTAILTRANS_LANGUAGES_PER_SITE)
  • Add wagtailtrans.models.TranslatablePage.get_admin_display_title to display the page language in the admin explorer (Wagtail 1.8+)

Backwards incompatible changes

In the progress of creating this release, we found out that some earlier design choices needed to be reworked in order to have a good maintainable package.


Before wagtailtrans 0.1.0b4 the method TranslatablePage.get_translations implemented a kwarg to include itself in the QuerySet of translated pages. Since this isn’t used within the wagtailtrans codebase we removed it because keeping it there made the codebase better maintainable.


As of wagtailtrans 0.1 we’ve refactored the TranslatablePage model to have a custom parent_link, this way it’s easier to migrate any existing Wagtail site for use with wagtailtrans. This is done by inheriting from TranslatablePage and Page for implementations of pages.

As for migrating, this is sadly not possible without some custom migrations, a way to do this is documented here: Migrate your existing Wagtail site